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Local Challenges to 
Global Action 
Global Market to 
Local Opportunities

Bridging the Gap…from Local to Global



Professor Abbas Rajabifard is a proud surveyor and is one of the world’s most influential and most cited experts in spatial data infrastructures, land administration and spatial information.

As an international leader in the application of geospatial science to solve society’s major social, economic, and environmental challenges, Abbas shares important scientific ideas with the wider public  through his extensive catalogue of scholarly publications. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with both government and industry in more than 60 countries.


  • Focus on economic growth, sustainability, and improving resilience: expanding our surveying, land, and spatial markets to improve quality of life

  • Diversity and inclusion: responding to regional needs, challenges, and opportunities

  • Advancing digital skills and capacities: towards building smart cities 

  • Capacity building: expanding both human and organisational capacity

  • Young surveyors and future members: delivering, mentoring, and supporting the digital surveyors and engineers of the future 

  • Women in surveying: increasing diversity within the profession

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Challenges and Geospatial Specialist Role


Global Connections

We have built strong international links across the globe to bring together new research technologies and scientific partners in varied domains. This allows us to draw on a wealth of experience and expertise in addressing local and global challenges. There are more than 60 countries we have had the opportunity to visit.


Find out more about our latest research, projects, and focused fields in our publications.