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Professor Abbas Rajabifard

FIG Nomination

Experienced, Qualified, and Passionate

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, surveyors, land administration (cadastre), and spatial expertise has never been more important. This interconnectedness presents unique challenges and opportunities: my breadth of professional and academic experience can add value, especially in enhancing deeper engagement with the emerging market. I am an accomplished surveyor and researcher with more than 30 years’ of experience across academia, government, and industry.

My interest and passion encompasses spatial science, surveying, land administration and mapping, research, and education. I am also an internationally recognised expert in land administration modernisation, 3D cadastre, Digital Twin, and BIM (Building Information Model) technology.

  • A proud Surveyor and Int. recognized Scholar and Geospatial Engineer, with +30 years experience in surveying, land and geospatial policies, land and geospatial modernization systems, and geospatial technologies, conducted projects in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America, and Latin America regions (in particular, Australia, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Chile, Colombia, India, Solomon Islands, Saudi Arabia), 1988-2022 

  • UN-PCGIAP Board Member 1994-2001

  • UN PCGIAP WG-Vice Chair on Cadastre 2001-2010

  • Director CSDILA, since 2007

  • President of GSDI Association 2010-2012

  • Member of ICA-Standard Commission 2005-2015

  • Chair UN-GGIM Academic Network 2016-2020

  • Member of UN-Geospatial Societies 2010-2016

  • World Bank Land and Geospatial Senior Consultant 2018-2021

  • HoD Infrastructure Engineering-Geomatics, Civil and Environment (2012-2020)

  • Director Smart and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Engineering and IT since 2020

  • Geomatics Discipline Leader, UoM since 2020

Selected Pprofessional Experience and Appointments

A forward-thinking vision for a brighter future for our profession

  • I have an international presence and established network involving up to 60 countries: my international leadership and networking experience prepares me to contribute to a leading global institution

  • My collaborative mindset and leadership experience allow for co-operation to address complex challenges

  • I have a keen awareness of the importance of mentorship for the development of the field, and I’m enthusiastic to spearhead efforts to prepare the next generation of practitioners

  • I have experience leading diverse and cohesive teams to bring together expertise in order to respond to our changing world

  • I’m passionate about shaping and advancing geospatial future direction to cement its standing as a leading professional organisation


Advancing digital skills and capacities: Towards building smart cities
Points of Aspiration
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CSDILA LOGO Invert.png

Our vision is to drive the evolving concept of spatial data infrastructures and modernization of land administration systems by developing an advanced 3D virtual information system that integrates, models, and visualises data to make it accessible in solving the demands faced by modern society.

Our mission is to develop and promote spatial data infrastructures in the form of virtual information systems, enabling governments and societies to use their spatial resources as effectively as possible in a rapidly changing world.

We are committed to excellence in research, innovation, and training, with a strong focus on future-proofing research. If you are interested in studying with us please visit Study with us.

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