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FIG Vice President Nomination


Dr. Daniel Steudler

Experience highlights

  • Since 1991: scientific associate at the Federal Directorate for Cadastral Surveying (which is part of swisstopo since 1999)

  • 2005-2021: lecturer at EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich

  • 2015-2018: invited guest lecturer at TU Munich

  • 2005: several mandates in World Bank projects

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Motivation to be FIG Vice President

I have been active within FIG since 1994. First as a working group secretary and coauthor of several publications in Commission 7. Later, I chaired working groups and task forces within FIG. The international context and network that FIG has always  offered was the key motivator for me to continue being part of this community. Besides operating the established FIG Commissions, I see two crucial fields of activity for our association:

  • To work and cooperate within an international context, maintaining and developing our relations with the UN and other national and international organizations;

  • To promote and support the Young Surveyors Network in order to maintain FIG as an innovative and flexible organization.

Support of FIG’s aims and objectives

My expertise in cadastral systems and my involvement in Commission 7 since 1994 will enable me to contribute to land administration, land governance, spatial data infrastructures, and sustainable development goals. The international network of people that I have built up over the years will help me to fulfill these duties for FIG as well as help FIG as an organization.

My position in EuroGeographics also prepared me well for association activities such as the preparation and organization of conferences, and keeping member contacts, among others. I am a strategic and independent thinker, which allows me to come up with innovative and forward-looking solutions. I am an organized, reliable, and trustworthy person.

Key skills for FIG Council

Long-standing and broad international networks, speaks three languages (German, French, English), organized and reliable, innovative thinking, can listen and find a compromise, socially compatible personality.

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